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Rent-to-Own Houses in Humboldt County?

Rent To Own

Rent-to-Own Houses in Humboldt County?
I’m urgently looking for a Rent-to-Own option in Humboldt County California (Preferably in or near Arcata, CA) with at least 2 bedrooms and pets allowed for my Girlfriend, Our dog, and I :) We are currently staying in a small temporary guest room in my girlfriend’s Aunt’s house and almost everything we own is being stored in my brother‘s room at my Mom’s house :/ My girlfriend is almost 19 and I just turned 23 and we are both very neat, clean people :) Our dog is medium-sized, very friendly and well behaved, and is trained extreemly well :) So if anybody can help us, we’d very much appreciate that and would gladly return the favor ASAP :) You may either post your answer here, or email me at

Thank You Everybody ^_6

Answer by Go with the flow
Do not touch rent to own. This never turns out well.
There are so many downsides, a book would have to be written.
A landlord could stop paying his property taxes, home insurance, even his own mortgage. You would never know until the house is foreclosed on you, or when it comes time to buy, there are all kinds of liens on the home to be paid off.
The landlord can kick you out for any reason.
He can die, and the house goes right to his kids – your contract will be void.
He could refuse to do any repairs, such as fixing a hole in the roof.
The list goes on and on and on.

Rent a place. Get together a down payment and someday buy a home you like.
Some say that rent to own homes should be illegal. I agree.

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